Friday, June 11, 2004

Ok folks, now just ram it is doing well it has incured some costs so if you could visit the sites below you would help us out. None of them have any pop-ups or nasty shit like that they are just good sites offering what they offer.

Affordable UK Web Design - Bowler Hat Solutions
Gonzo Movies
Answers and Questions Forum

Thanks all, drop by the main just ram it site for rants and much much more!

Or visit our rants forum and chat to the other just ram it people: Rants Forum

See ya soon all :)

Ok, folks:

Just Ram It has become fairly successful now and we have a thriving forum community and 30000 unique visitors a month to the main page. All pretty cool really but not leaving a lot of time of for this blog. That is something I want to fix but for now here is a little update on how things are going.

We have some new contributors to the rants so its not just us anymore and they are giving us some cool content.

Anyway folks, please drop by www.justramit.co.uk and check out the rants and general moaning by us all. :)


Monday, April 05, 2004

OK, have added some links to Bowler Hat Solutions which is a great UK Web Design and UK Web Hosting company that helped us with some aspects of Just Ram It and helped us make it the site it is today.
Ok folks, been some time. Just Ram It has grown and grown which has not left a lot of time for this blog.

We now have a smallish but dedicated forum membership and the main site is getting 20,000 unique visitors a month which is pretty smoky. This is a year on from the initial furtive steps so all is cool.

Will be endevouring to make some new additions here and let you all know how the site is going and whats going on behind the scenes.


Monday, September 29, 2003

Ok folks, biggest ever period without an update but we been on holiday so ramit. :)

We are back with the program now and have a variety of new rants being added as and when.

Major blog update in the pipeline over the next few days.

just watch this space - just ram it

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Roll up, Roll up.

More rants chuffing through on the Just Ram It Express and the site is now entering what I would like to call a final beta stage. We have got content in all areas, all small and big problems have been sorted out and we have a google page rank of five, woohoo.

Starting to get some good traffic as well, we had 6000 unique visits for the month of August and that is discounting my partner in crime and myself. This resulted in 13422 page impressions which is pretty good considering back in march when we started this up we had a poultry 174 visits and most of them were probably us. :)

Ok back to the site, we have made some further improvements:
- Added an email this rant to your friend link that allows you to specify a target email address, the sending address and leave a message as well as sending the link. Hopefully this will bring us in some new traffic.
- Added a chat about this in our forums link at the bottom of every rant in an effort to get some more forum traffic. Forum still the weakest area :(
- Fixed a problem with the comments system that stopped the correct url showing when a comment had been added.

Future Development:
- Sell the forum - Challenge Ramitos - we will invite site/forum users to challenge ramitos to a flame battle in the forums
- - - Add a forum area for benny and suzy with direct links from their pages to the specific forum area. (will require us to add content to the barren wasteland that is the JRI forum in these areas)

- Improve the html email generated by the system when a user mails a rant to a friend
- - - see summer of george for ideas

- Get SOG to sort out the teasers for the previous horoscopes.htm so we can go live with that page. Also have to setup the url rewriting to get .htm's on these pages.

- go live with horoscopes page, link it in from the template + do a blog post with all previous horsocopes and links

Ok, thats the development side of things dealt wiht, now we have some rants for you sorry undeserving fools.

Country Music Keeps us all trucking
Ahhhhh, a long lost, slightly dubious genre, we beg to differ.

Lets All Kick Dean Gaffney
Lets all kick Dean Gaffney hey! Robbie Jackson , Dean gaffney , what the hell take a shoeing FOC from Just Ram It

More to come from your top ranting team team - More Rants, More Vitriol and More SpleenJust Ram It

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Rants Vitriol Spleen

Oh my god, how long have I left this.... eeekk.

Oh well folks, this is the Just Ram It development blog and time has been spent on well, you know development. As some of you will know the Just Ram It team are of on our hols soon and we are building up a quality stack of rants for you for while we are away. We have also tweaked our forum. On top of this, in an effort to not upset the great and mighty google we have devised a system to release rants while we are away, keeping the rants content fresh and juicy as we, and hopefully you like it. Far be it for someone to come to the mighty JRI and claim we have not beeing putting in the effort.

Ok, enough of the bullshit I hear you cry, rants, rants, rants are what you want and rants are what you will get:

Just Ram It - Rants

Paintballing , Pretty Much Everything - More Popular than Jesus Now
Paintballing, more popular than jesus now? read on and feel free to disagree.

Anyone remember Bobby Sands?
The latest stunt from David Blane? Nothing new huh, prisoners have been doing this for years.

A Close, Close Shave
A tale of terror, so shocking, so wrong that I have to issue a personal warning to all that read?
Beware the spoon lads, beware the spoon, stick to the road.

Four Month Report - Must Try Harder
4 Months of Just Ram It - Rants. Some said we wouldnt get here, we have and we forge ever onward.
A quick nostalgic look back over the last four months, ahhhhh.

Are You Talking To Me ?
Shock Horror - Just Ram it staff sched residual self images. The harsh reality of our hunched, broken bodies has finaly hit home!

Ok, thats it for now folks, check them out and be prepared for business as usual, even when we are on a holiday break! We have laptops, internet connections and cyber cafes, there is no stopping the mighty JRI.

Check out Just Ram It - Large selection of quality rants, vitriol and spleen, all available with interest free credit and a 12 month payment holiday.
Rants Vitriol Spleen
Just Ram It - Rants Vitriol Spleen

I'm your momma, i'm your daddy
I'm that site in the alley
I'm the brother
When you need a true playa to receive
You know me, i'm your friend
Providing rants till the end
Just Ram It
I'm your pusher

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Ok, another day, another update. (if only that were true, muhahahahahahha)

Anyways a quick note for myself on two further areas of the site to create before the 8th of September:

1) Email this article to a friend.
See the one at the onion, seems to be a bit better than the obvious way of doing this, allows us to add the sending email address, ie gets into the users inbox and is not from some nondescript spammy unknown address but is from the address of a friend, more chance of being read.
Allows to send to multiple friends which again is a nice touch.

2) Tell me when this site is updated link
Allow people to register to find out when the site is updated. Ie they leave an email address and we send them a mail when the site is updated, probs when the front page is updated.

Aside from that we also have a couple of new rants for you happy people.

Tattooed Man, Staring
Another report from Just Ram It's roving reporter - Nathan Cook.
One mans afternoon ruined by a surly individual, tatooed of course and his persistent staring.

Paintballing , Pretty Much Everything - More Popular than Jesus Now
It started off as a flippant remark by John Lennon but it would seem that many things have now become more popular than Jesus!
Read the report and make your own mind up but it looks like we are all destined to burn in hell.
(Just Ram It - More Popular Than Jesus anyone?)

And here we have a our spammy links bit trying to get Just Ram It to rank for the keyword Rants in google.

- Rants Vitriol and Spleen at Just Ram It -
Rants - Just Ram It

Monday, August 18, 2003

Ok people,

brief post as it is monday morning and I have work to do, again! Gonna have to look for a less involved job again. :)

We have the following new rants added to the main site, please pop by and check them out.

Just Ram It Style Tip 1">Just Ram It Style Tip 1
This summers essential style guide, brought to you by Just Ram It

You Think 24 Is Hardwork - Or Groundhog Day - Just Ram It
A day in the life of A Summer of George, the main just ram it contributor.

Lockerbie , 1.7 Billion Worth of Huckster Jive and Political Bullshit
More rubbish from the government and the law courts.

Just a brief one here people but keep them peeled. :)
Rants - Just Ram It

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Ok folks, how you all doing out there?

Well, its been another period of laziness, inactivity, and to be honest, quite a few drinks that have hindered any regular updates.
As a real pain the ass, I am having to actually do stuff for my day job which is kinda unfair and very demanding on my time. Still enough of my problems and on the matters at hand, we have new rants, new front page special and new ideas to further plot and document the development of the 'the only internet site you will ever need' Just Ram It.

Ok, lets start with the new just ram it special front page article. We are happy to announce our comprehensive coverage of the 'Street Violence UK Championships'.
'Street Violence UK Championships
We have coverage of the great athletes that compete in this lofty event that usually lasts the duration of the football season in great events such as the 'Phone Box Dust Up', 'Student Baiting and Battering', 'Closing Time Glassing' and much, much more.
Check it out! Rant

We also have a bevvy of busty beauties, rants that is porno pervert massive!

Rant - Anglican Church Rocked to It's Very Foundations - New Bishop , Apparantly not Pervert
More ham fisted satire masquerading as news from Nathan Cook!

Rant - Two Words England - Air Conditioning
Well us limeys, there is no pleasing us hey! Most of the time we are faced with a constant grey drizzle to get us through the day. The closest the rest of the world can probably get to understanding how we live is to watch Seven with its constant rain and general dullness.
Well we have got some sun at the moment, woohoo or not. Well the thing is, sun is great, if your not at work, sat by a pool or in a beer garden. Sun is not great when the buildings here are all designed to grip on to any bit of heat they can muster to fend of the violent cold spell we endure for 11 months of the year. Hot weather, tight bosses and stiffling work atmospheres can all ram it.

Jordan vs Jodie - The results are in
After spending hours fine tuning his writing abilities, honing his anger to boiling point our main contributor, 'The Summer of George' is fairly annoyed that most of our traffic seems to come from people looking for pictures of these two withered old bints. So with great pleasure we put these two mooks to bed.

Ok thats it folks, time for me to do some work, boo hisss.
Untill next time.

Just Ram It - Rants Vitriol and Spleen
Rants - Just Ram It
Ram It, Ram It, where ever you may be, I am the lord of the Rants said he and we will Ram It wherever we may be and we'll lead you all to Just Ram It said he!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hello there people,

been a slow week here at Ram It Towers but what can we say, its hot and we been partying!

We have a quick update in place which forms our excuse for this as much as anything else and we are letting of some steam on things that have got on our tits this week.

AWOL Contributors , Counterstrike and Kylies Arse
the observant may have noticed that we have been stalled for a few days , the rest will be flicking the lights on and off and giggling at rude words in the dictionary.

We have got some top quality rants coming your way though, poor Summer of George was stuck on public transport yesterday and had to endure the train ride of hell. So a train rant coming your way, easy target but with this we cant run on time when its hot, we cant run on time when its wet, we cant run on time when its to cold, we cant run on time in autumn as there are leaves on the track. When the fuck can you run on times you morons, ffs!

Boozy Suzy has another round of your horoscopes coming up for all you suckers unable to make your own minds up and she should be answering the latest batch of mail from her bag very soon, i think the pimms has all but run out so we are hopeful.

I also heard a little squeak that the great brain, master philosopher and general all round feline master Benny the Ball is back tackling yet another important issue:
Pro Choice - Pro Life

Ok, this is a point of some internal debate here at Just Ram It but we have opened our doors to you lot and setup a forum for you to rant in, maybe one of your Rants may be good enough for us to include on the main site, imagine that your name up in lights on the Just Ram It boardwalk.
Anyways, drop by say hello and let us know what is pissing you off and what you would like to see at Just Ram It.
Your Rants at Just Ram It Forum

Thats all for now folks but keep on looking and we will keep on ranting.

Just Ram It - Rants Vitriol and Spleen
Rants Vitriol and Spleen
Im your private Ranter, Ranting for money, people think its funny, its not!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Ok folks,

we have been busy behind the scenes at Just Ram It towers, we have improved our ability to deliver a daily slice of top quality cobblers to you on a semi regular basis. This is a good thing, no really, its a good thing!

Anyways, here is some of the tosh I was just refering to: Lap it up suckers.

I Hate Keith Allen
From a deserved hatred of Keith Allen to Hitler to Benito Mussolini and Notorius BIG. And all of this in a small dainty little rant, forget stars in there eyes, we bring you dictators in there eyes - aka - Mace In there Eyes - aka - Burning Hot knife in your Eyes.
No idea what im going on about, read it then for christ sake im not here to hold your johnson when you go to lav people.

5 Things that have Annoyed us today
In an attempt to share, water down or in some way dilute the pain we would like to share this little Rant with you.
- Jeremy Clarkson, your time is up.
- Tony "Hold still, or ill shoot you in the back" Martin come on down.
- David Kelly whacked?, America Delays Peace (by about 500 years) and Colour Me Bad... "I wanna sex you up, allnight"

Ho hum, ho hum...

Untill next time folks, please come and see us for all of your Rant requirements.

Rants Vitriol and Spleen - Just Ram It

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Ok folks, we have got some more new Rants for you and for the interested there are some details of future updates and improvements to the mighty Just Ram It.

Sweet Fancy Moses - Can I Get a Gun Licence or What?
Mad people, my boss, colleagues and of course Mrs Fat Head Pit bull Bitch. All getting it right here.

A Fat Tory - A Gormless Orkney Homophobe - God Bless our Wonderful Nation
Ahhh, Cameron from Big Brother and Lordy Lordy its Jeffery Archer you slag!

Just Ram It - Holy Smoke - Let's Save these Perverts Some Time
Does anyone use the internet for anything other than porn? This week we examine our unfortunately titled site - Just Ram It - and the kind of search engine results we seem to be throwing up. Everything from Jim Carey to fantasy rape, hmmm, planned not this was, unfortunate this is.

Crash, Bang , Ram It , What A Picture - Movie Lies Start Here
Ok, and you thought we just used and abused here at Just Ram It, well that is not the case! Here we are exploiting our connections and to bring you the latest and we mean the very latest absolutely unconfirmed breaking Movie and Celebrity News. Remember, you heard it Just Ram It first.

Keep it Just Ram It Folks.
Rants Vitriol and Spleen - Just Ram It

Development To be done:
- Improvements to suzy page + suzy article admin
- Section for users to submit rants
- Section the category pages and the comments. (cats show 10 a page, comments show 5 at a time)

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Ok roll up, roll up.

The just ram it bandwagon is in full swing and rolling along nicely.

We have a new front page spread showcasing the Just Ram It - Cock of Year Awards.
You can check out the front page spread for that at the homepage: Just Ram It
Or you can foolishly dive straight in: Cock of the Year Awards

We will be following this up with a behind the scences look at the Event reported by Nathan Cook of Roger Cook brother fame*.
There should be plenty to report and with such a lustrious crowd we can expect some real treats, pictures and all.

Make sure to check back then next week peeps so you can catch up with all the antics.

On the other hand we have a selection of new rants from our standard team and a couple of rants from our latest conspiritor, Ditch Brody.
When Ditch is not busy diving out of planes and saving pretty gal's from scumbags he can be found at Ram It Towers inking some of the greatest social observations and modern day journalism ever seen. **

Anyway, without further ado, please, please, please for you own sakes more than anything else check out the following rants.

The following are from our new guy, Ditch Brody. Hows about leaving some comments and welcoming him aboard.
Retail Sucks - Would you like a receipt?
Teachers - Marking is Not Working

These two are from the usual bunch of demented old soaks, miss at your peril!
Gary Bushell - Die Bushell Die
And the Cock of the Year Award goes to...

Well, as I am feeling generous today and the updates to the blog have been few and far between I am going to take a trip down memory lane and create a list of some of the all time classics for all of you new converts and the shorter memory peeps amongst us.
The Official State of the Nation Address
The Elton John Charity - Attention Seekers are Us
Harry Potter Six - Harry and the Department of Social Security
It was all fields round her when I was a lad
Scum on Public Transport

Thats it for today folks, we may have something else for you tommorow but we may not, depends if we pull our fingers out of our arses. ***

If that aint enough for you you could allways,
Just Ram It
Rants Vitriol and Spleen

* Nathan Cook is as of yet to prove this relationship, Keep em peeled!
** We Think at least, as in this is our opinion we think, so there! Ram It.
*** Not making any promises there.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Hey Folks,

Swift update here but we have a couple of new updates, one about crazy old people mowing down innocent people and another about yet another talentless hack occupying to much of our news papers.

Another Talentless Hack
Old People

Ok folks, Enjoy or Just Ram It


Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Creeping Sheepishly in a side door with a feeble wave of greeting it's Summer of George , back from brutally neglecting the blog in favour of lesbian porn.

ho ho - It's hot damn hot people but of course this will not last , especially as I have now mentioned it.

Fortunately the Macster has been keeping you upto speed of all the developments over at the mighty beast that is Just Ram It.

Sadly our previous lofty boasts regarding daily updates have come back to bite us (well me mainly) in the arse big time but we will continue to strive so you can wipe the smug look of your face right now majimbo.

It is a strange time for Just Ram it in the real world with a blizzard of intense weirdness afoot - add to the fact that google seem to be changing their search criteria every ten seconds and the only page people seem to want to comment on and read is the one about Jordan, frankly we underestimated the sheer draw of a topless shot.
However once we open our "hot Girl on Girl Cum Drunk tarts take 14" horse cocks section" no doubt the traffic will go through the roof.
I was aware that the net was a haven for perverts but really.

anyway stuff to look forward to , or frankly ignore , is the new hard-hitting ram it investigates exclusive on the Whitehouse tapes, make Watergate look like an overdue library book, as soon as our reporter and "alleged" brother of Roger Cook, Nathan stops foaming at the mouth.
The eagerly awaited Ram It awards special and no doubt some petty griping about trivial matters thrown in as well.

Oh by the way , we haven't worked out what the score is with the really really really long sentences on this blog either so stop complaining.

So lets go people and remember - be careful out there

Ram It

Summer of George

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